Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Weekend to Remember

I didn’t get much done around the house at all this weekend. But I did create some fantastic memories with my son. 

On Saturday, we went for a walk, scooted around on the trike, set up a tent in the living room, played a nose matching game, and Moe opened his new Cars cars. (We found him Ramone, Fillmore and Sarge. He was delighted.) 

On Sunday, all three of us went to the Museum of Science and Tech and rode a restored steam locomotive. Moe also booted around the Digital Network tunnels, wore a hard hat while he played with the plastic construction vehicles, played in the Braille exhibit, and rode the snowmobile.

Yesterday, we went to Brewer Park with my sister, niece and Granny and played at the splash pad. (I coated Moe's hands in Vaseline before he played in the “fountains” and his hands seem to be in good shape, so that’s a relief. Hopefully that will get us through this hot, hot summer.)

I also hung out with my sister and her family for two evenings, cracked up with my niece while we watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and watched her and Moe scream “YOU TURNED ANOTHER PAGE!” at each other for 10 minutes – between giggle fits – while playing with the Monster at the End of this Book app on the tablet. I watched her take the full force of a water canon in the back of the head at the water park – there was an obnoxious 9 year old boy who kept spraying her, but since Moe was playing right by her all the time, the canons were aimed at him, too. Isabel patiently ignored the boy and positioned herself in front of Moe so he wouldn’t get a blast of “big water” to the face.

It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend. My kitchen looks like a bomb blew up and I need to do so much laundry, but I wouldn’t have changed anything at all. 

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