Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Moe (29 Months)

My sweet bean, you are almost two and a half years old. In some ways, I’m not sure where the time has gone. In others, I can't believe you haven't been around longer.

We had a lovely month together with lots of great adventures. We had some wonderful visits from family this month.

Grandpa Will and Grandma Anne came all the way from Halifax for the weekend, and we had a lovely Sunday together. You showed them your park, and how you can sit on the big-boy swing now. When we walked home, you held Grandma Anne’s hand just about the entire way. (You’re not a huge hand-holder, so that was a big compliment. She was very flattered.) They brought you a lovely gift - a Melissa & Doug wooden garbage truck. You were delighted with it. They stayed for brunch, and you had a wonderful time showing them all your favourite toys.

A week later, Tia Reiko, Tio Rodrigo and Isabel came to visit for a few days on their way back from Quebec City. They were here all day on a Monday that you and I had off together. We went for a quick haircut, and then came home to meet up with them and go to Brewer Park. You had a great time playing in the sand, but were very frustrated by the big metal diggers. They are really meant for older kids and you weren’t strong enough to move them, which upset you to no end. I tried to convince you to let me get you into your bathing suit so we could go play in the water, but you refused, until I said the magic word: “fountains”. One you realized that “playing in the water” meant “playing in the fountains” you were all over it. I coated your hands in Vaseline to keep the eczema at bay, and you played at the splash pad for over an hour.

Isabel played with you in the water and she took such good care of you. I watched her take the full force of a water canon in the back of the head for you more than once. There was an obnoxious 9 year old boy who kept spraying her, but since you were playing right beside her, the water would have hit you, too. But Isabel patiently ignored the boy and positioned herself in front of you so you wouldn’t get a blast of “big water” to the face. I don’t think you had any idea.

Tia and Tio and Isabel brought you a fantastic toy from Quebec City. I had been hoping to get you a bead-and-lace toy for a while, and they found a lovely one! You got the hang of it very quickly, and impressed us all with your great lacing abilities. You have very good fine motor skills, Moe. I’m impressed every time I see you in action.

Tia was also so enchanted by your “dinosaur” hairstyle (she saw you as soon as we got back from your haircut) that she went out and bought you some hair gel. We’ll see if Daddy can work that into your morning routine. ;)

Grandma had a lovely day with you this month, too. She took you raspberry picking for the very first time. She should have weighed you on the way in and then on the way out - you ate far more than you picked! But you had a great time helping her pick berries (and of course, sitting in the middle of the field and eating them). Another highlight from that day was when she took you to visit Daddy in his store. You were both pretty darn excited to see each other. :) 

We celebrated Canada Day Bombshelter-style again this year, hanging out at Uncle Ted's. You had a great time, and we were so pleased that you were willing to get into the pool. (After the disastrous swimming lessons, I didn't know if I'd ever get you into a pool again.) But fishie and Uncle Mark conspired to lure you in. You had a wonderful time. 

Even when it’s just been the three of us, we have had some lovely adventures together, too. On a recent Sunday together, Daddy and I took you to the Canada Science and Technology Museum. You love exploring the digital network tunnels. You were delighted that you could look down and see Daddy below. You and I also went for a little ride on a real steam train! You waited very patiently for the train to arrive (it was late) and sat nicely in your chair and looked out the window as we rode the length of Technology Park beside the museum. We got to the end of the track, and the train stopped before backing up again, and you asked, very sweetly, but very loudly, “More ride, Mommy?” People chuckled because they were thinking the same thing - it was a pretty short ride, especially after waiting all that time! 

One recent Saturday, it was too hot to really do much outside. We went for a walk with Uncle Mark and Aunt Janine and Zaphod at Conroy Pit early in the morning, but you were wilting from the heat before we got back from the car. (I don’t think the Benadryl that I gave you helped, either.) So I was faced with spending the rest of the day indoors with you, but it was too late to do another outing. What were we to do? Easy. I set up your tent in the living room! We had all the fun of outdoor living but stayed in the air conditioning. You also got to open THREE new Cars cars. We found a Ramone at Chapters, and found a couple of mint-in-the-box sets on Kijiji. We opened the Fillmore/Sarge set for you, but I’ve tucked the Sally/Lightning set away for you to have when you are older and can appreciate the whole collectible-mint-in-the-box aspect. (I’m not stupid - I didn’t show it to you. It will be a nice surprise when you’re older. Like, 18.) 

You love your (Great) Grandpa Reg. You hug him freely, and love bringing him toys to look at. You share your snacks with him, often unprompted. And now that he has a fancy new scooter, we walk him from his place to visit Joan at the Perley. It took some convincing (the first time, you wanted none of it), but he got you to let him give you a ride on the scooter. I wasn’t sure how you felt about it - your face was so serious - but Grandpa Reg assured me, “Oh, he likes it.” Sure enough, when he stopped, you asked him to go again. We used to visit Grandpa Reg about once a month, but now that we can walk outside together, we can go every other weekend, if not more often. You also dig checking out the fish tank in the front lobby of Grandpa Reg’s place. We can find fish who look like Dory, Nemo, Marlin and Jacques. 
You have really mastered the iPad. You can switch between different games without any trouble, and know how to find the ones you want to play. We play a game called Nighty Night just before you go to bed - you go through the farm house, putting all your animals to bed and turning off their lights. You’re a big fan of the Little Fox game, and I recently got you an app called Bugs and Buttons that had a whole bunch of games. Some are easier than others, and some you’ll grow into eventually.

Something else you’re growing into is your tricycle! I picked you up at daycare the other day and you were so proud to be able to show me how you could finally pedal the trike. (Up until then, you had been shuffling along.) I was really, really proud of you, too. It was funny how it happened - everybody was colouring at the picnic table when suddenly someone looked up and said, “HEY! Moe’s pedalling!” You haven’t been able to show me on your own trike yet - I think we need to find the sweet spot of seat-to-pedal setting. 

You are still such a sweet boy, so generous with hugs and kisses and high fives. You declare often that you are “so funny,” and really, you are. You also tell us when things are “so cool”. In the last few weeks, though, some of your behaviour has changed. You can, at turns, be very defiant. You have moments where you are suddenly really, really possessive and are paranoid that people are going to take away your things. And you are, on occasion, incredibly whiny. I’m not sure where it’s all coming from, but we’re trying to reassure you that as long as you’re not breaking any well-established rules, nobody is going to take away your toys. And we’re really trying to insist that you ask for things nicely. It isn’t always easy to deal with, but Robin assures us this is just a stage and you’ll move through it as you have all the other ones. I suspect that this comes from simply being 2 years old.

You love our evening cuddles and singing. (I’ve managed to turn the Bob the Builder theme song into a nighttime lullaby but can’t quite figure out how to do it with Life is a Highway and I suspect I never will.) You also love sniffing like a puppy. (It started when one night I called you Puppy as a term of endearment, and you latched onto it. “I puppy, Mommy!” So we do puppy sniffs together.) You love pointing out the “Big Flower” on the way to and from daycare. (It’s a big stone sculpture at a local house of worship on Hunt Club. Daddy says someday we’ll take you there when he’s satisfied it isn’t a cult.) You’re doing great on the potty, for the most part, although you have much more success at daycare than you do at home. We just need to get you comfortable pooping on the potty. I’m not in a rush. We’ll get there eventually.

You’re still the best thing in our lives. We love you so much it hurts. You make us laugh every day, you bring us such joy, and we can’t imagine our lives without you. Our time with you is so special. I know others feel the same way. And you have many people who love you. You bring happiness wherever you go. That’s a very special gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. 

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