Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vacation Day 1

Moe and I visited Grandpa Reg (two weeks in a row, FTW!) and enjoyed our walk between Alta Vista Manor and the Perley. We stopped in to see Joan, and Moe showed incredible self control by not pushing any of the buttons on her bed. We said hi to Gus, a Perley resident who loves Moe, and then on the way back to AVM, stopped to sit and chat (and snack!) with Gord, an AVM resident who is always outside when we are walking by. I love how Moe brightens the day for these older gentlemen. 

Saturday was capped off with an ice cream sandwich for dessert (aka Saturday treat) and a bubble bath, another Saturday tradition. 

Looking forward to tomorrow, which will involve the Farmer's Market and surf 'n turf!

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