Monday, April 7, 2014

Playing Guess Who?

We bought the Disney Junior version of the board game Guess Who? for Moe this weekend. My son is so incredibly, beautifully, maddeningly honest. It was hilarious. 

Me: Ok, so you need to pick a character for me to guess. So move your marker to point to someone, but don't tell me who you've picked. Ok?
Moe: Ok. 
Me: Have you picked someone? 
Moe: I picked Captain Hook. 

(This happened three times.) 

Me: Ok, Moe... so you have to pick a character for Mommy to guess, BUT YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHO IT IS. When I ask you if you've picked someone, just say "yes" or "no". 
Moe: Okay. 
Me: Have you picked someone?
Moe: Yes or no. 

(Later, after enlisting Daddy to be on Moe's team.) 

Bundy: Ok, buddy, so we're going pick a character - but don't say it out loud. We don't want Mommy to know who you've picked. 
Moe: (stage whisper to Daddy) I picked Izzy. 
Bundy: *laughing* Moe, you can't tell Mommy!
Moe: *indignant* I didn't tell Mommy, I told YOU!

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