Wednesday, January 9, 2013

PSA (or, How Facebook Turned Me Into Crazy Psycho Wife)

Did you know that when you send someone a FB direct message, if a little notice about that message pops up on their locked tablet, FB tells you that they have seen and read the message, even if they have not?

So, if you are trying to reach your spouse by FB direct message and you get no reply, but your messages keep showing up as “read” according to Facebook, it’s possible that he might have left his tablet on the couch, and the notices are just popping up on a tablet that no one is looking at.

So, when you are trying to reach your spouse and he isn’t answering the home phone on his day off AND he isn’t replying to your direct messages, don’t assume that a message marked “read” has actually been read. He may not be ignoring you. He may just be at Cora’s eating lunch with his mom.

That’s your public service announcement for the day. You’re welcome.

Facebook: increasing social paranoia since 2003.  

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