Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Blues

I'm not in a great place right now. I thought I was ready for Christmas on our own (both moms are out of town), but I didn't factor in a little boy with influenza, 5 out of 6 days on my own with my sick son, seasonal affective disorder arriving with a vengeance, not leaving the house since the morning of December 24 (except for emergency trips to the drugstore), being just as burned out as retail manager husband, retail manager husband coming down with influenza on his first day of vacation, two big snowstorms which have meant inability to drive anywhere, sick child meaning that we can't visit with anyone, and Reg's nursing home being on lockdown. All this coupled with my entire support system being out of town has been really hard on me. Christmas Day did not feel like Christmas. I'm burned out to the max, but Bundy's burned out to the max AND has the flu, so I can't really complain. 

This holiday has been really, really difficult. 

I know other people have it worse. I do. I know that. But it's still really hard. And I had to write it down somewhere because I'm really tired of putting on a happy face for the last few weeks. I'm exhausted, depressed, overwhelmed, and lonely. 

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