Friday, February 17, 2012


Two years ago tomorrow, on February 18, 2010, at 8:52 am, I sent the following email to Mark and Janine: 
I'm off to the doctor again today - at my appointment yesterday my blood pressure was too high, so we're going to measure it again today to see if it has come down. I suspect it was high because of the bonehead move I pulled when getting the car out of the garage on the way to the appointment - I clipped the passenger side mirror and broke some of the plastic. *sigh* It's because I have to give myself extra space on the driver's side so I can get my enormous self out of the car these days. I was not impressed.

So today Bundy has declared "NO ERRANDS FOR YOU!" except for the doctor's appointment (and I have to go to the pharmacy, regardless of what he says, because I'm out of diclectin). I'm to sit my ass on the couch and relax until the appointment.

*twiddles thumbs* 
 At 12:19 pm, I sent this follow-up: 
At dr now. Wants to induce in next 48 hours. Have demanded second opinion. I see next doc in 30 mins. Meanwhile, at [Bundy's workplace], bundy is struggling to breathe. Jeebus.

Janine replied immediately: 

He tells you that, and he wants your blood pressure to go DOWN? WTF!!!

 I then got this very calm and reasonable reply from Mark:
2nd opinion, good! Also good, you're where you're supposed to be timing-wise, so it's not the end of the world if you're induced this weekend.
I explained further: 
Apparently I have early preclampsia and the only cure is to get baby out. Or else my liver and kidneys could be compromised. But my dr is away, so I've asked for a 2nd opinion.

Hope your camera batteries are charged. Gulp. And looks like we may miss baconfest. LOL

After this, I go to [Bundy workplace] and calm the bundy.
Janine continued to be her calm, reasonable self: 
OK. So you have pre-pre-eclampsia and just hearing that made me forget EVERYTHING I'm supposed to not do. Are we not supposed to come to the hospital until we're called? Are we allowed to hang out NEAR the hospital waiting for news? Am I supposed to be boiling water? I am, FYI, just in case.

Also, I twittered "I CAN HAZ BLUD PRESHR MULLIGIN?!?!" to be funny and my camera batteries are fully charged, and my memory cards are empty, and my camera is even fixed and working perfectly.

So like, I think I'm ready to go but not because I don't think I'm supposed to go anywhere. I'm just supposed to be here.

*grabs you and shakes you*


No, no, no. Can't do that, that's wrong.

Then, later, at 1:44 pm, also from Janine:
Is there any news???
My reply, at 2:08 pm: 
Home now. We'll get a call sometime in the next 48 hours to come in and be induced. Appt with Dr. Huard went really well, he explained everything very thoroughly. This is really for the best - it could be dangerous for me and for Moe to wait much longer. Bundy's running some last minute errands and is on his way home, too. (He's been pretty useless at work since I called him, poor lad.)

In the meantime, I have some paper work to fill out regarding the cord blood, a few emails to send, and a bag to pack. Then I'm to relax as much as possible until we get the call. I've had some time to wrap my head around this, so I'm feeling better. Bundy needs more time. *grin*

I'll try and keep Mark up to date with things, but we'll definitely call you when Moe has arrived. Then we would love it if you could both come to the Civic ASAP to take some photos. :)
Mark replied, offering to help with running errands.

Janine replied with this:
HOLY SH!T!!!!!!
Moe is going to show up in the next 48 hours!!!!
And then, shortly after, with this: 


  1. This could easily become the next blockbuster movie - heart strings tugged AND laughs had ... the only thing missing was popcorn and sticky shoes! :) xo