Monday, June 15, 2015

Dear Moe (March, April, May and half of June 2015)

My darling boy, it has been too long! The days and weeks are just flying by and I am not finding time to record notes from our adventures much less write them up. But you are thriving and that's what counts.

Your friendship with your buddy Nathan has really blossomed this spring. You two have been pretty much inseparable in the classroom, but in April, when Granny went to England for a few weeks, you spent time after school with Nathan and his family for a few days a week. Obviously, we wanted to reciprocate, so we have invited Nathan to join us on a few of our adventures.

One of those was attending a show at the Centrepointe Theatre called The Great Rhythmobile Adventure. It was like Stomp, but for kids. The two performers made music using all kinds of things - garbage cans, basketballs, plastic bottles. The two of you had a great time, and you were both really good listeners. Nathan's parents often trade off with us on weekends, either taking you for a chunk of a day or sending Nathan our way. It's a great way to keep you occupied! (However, you are starting to understand that this won't last forever, or at least , not in the same way. You know that Nathan and his family are moving to Stittsville this summer, and have started asking if we could change houses and get one next door to them. It will be a sad day when they move.)

Spring finally came and the snow melted, but it was slow to warm up. One of the ways we amused ourselves outside was with the remote control car that Bambi and Simon gave you. We ran it all around the dead end at the end of the street, and you had a great time both running the car and chasing it.

We went to Kemptville for Easter and got the balance bike out for the first time this spring. I injured my ankle in April, so we haven't done too many balance bike rides since then. I'm hoping we can get out for more of them soon. Lately, though, you like to spend your after school time outside in our yard - either playing with Emmett or "playing with your balls," which is how you describe playing with your collection of four inflatable balls that we keep in the backyard by the basketball net.

Daddy organized a table top gaming day at O'Grady's in April (for International Tabletop Day) and we had a great time playing all kinds of board games. Many of your friends came, too, and had a great time playing games for kids. I love how our passions are rubbing off on you.

You discovered a passion for art this year. Ms. Nicoll did a unit where you studied famous artists and then made art inspired by their work, and we heard more about this unit than any other one you've done in school so far. It began with a lot of colour work and culminated in an art gallery night where we came to your class and saw all your work hanging on the walls. Daddy, Grandma, Granny and I all came and we were amazed and delighted by your work.

For me, though, the best part was when you and I went to the National Gallery of Canada for a playdate with Lhotse and Natasha. I was pleasantly surprised as how "not unengaged" you were in the more traditional galleries, and how very engaged you were in the modern galleries.

At the end of our visit, you and I stopped in to the bookstore to try and find a birthday present for Granny. She loves jigsaw puzzles and art, so I thought a puzzle of a work of art might be a good plan. I asked you to help me pick one out. We saw some nice ones by the Group of Seven, but I worried they might be too easy for Granny (she likes a challenge and I like to drive her crazy). Then you spotted something from across the room, and ran over and pointed to it. "Hey," you said, "this is by Mr. Kandinsky! Let's get this one!"

And lo, it totally was by Mr. Kandinsky, and we did get it. I was so proud.

Your television tastes continue to evolve, for better or for worse. I'm all over your love of Wild Kratts and Ninjago, but hope you get over your passion for the old 1980s Mario Brothers TV show soon. I did have a somewhat emotional moment when you watched The Princess Bride for the first time. You seemed to really enjoy it, and didn't even mind that I was saying a lot of the words along with the movie. You've also recently discovered Lego Star Wars on the Xbox. You caught on pretty fast, I must say. Your current favourite song is Puff the Magic Dragon.

By far the biggest highlight of the spring was Mark and Janine's wedding. You were a gem during the ceremony, were super patient during the photos, and did very well during the reception (thanks to the tablet). Then Grandma came to get you and brought you home, and she slept over while Daddy and I had our first night away since you were born.

You were not quite sure what to make of Aunt Janine's dress. First you asked, "Does Aunt Janine look funny?" which really isn't that unreasonable a question, since you are used to seeing her in jeans and a t-shirt. Then you redeemed yourself by saying that her dress was very poufy, which was, I believe, intended as a compliment. :)

Our summer travels began early when we went to visit Samantha and her girls on their dairy farm in Sawyerville for Victoria Day weekend. You had a wonderful time "glamping" in the camper trailer. You played in a shallow river, fed sheep, played with bunnies, enjoyed their play structure, and sat by a campfire until sunset. It was a wonderful weekend, and you have asked several times when we will go back.

Skills assessments have begun in school, and I'm very proud to confirm what I already knew: you are a very strong reader and love to play with words. You were able to read words off the Grade 3 vocabulary list! And I often think of the way Grandpa Will used to make up nonsense rhymes and it makes me smile to see you doing the same thing.

You have just about completed your swimming session, and you did finish your gymnastics session. You'll be doing two weeks of gymnastics camp this summer, but that will be it for you and gymnastics. You have started to get pretty bored of it. So we are signing you up for judo in the fall - we visited the dojo together and you watched a bit of a class and are interested. I hope you'll enjoy it.

The past few days have been very exciting. We got you the next level up from your balance bike - a two wheeler with pedals! You are already making great progress (so great that I can't keep up with you and Uncle Mark's back will probably be stiff tomorrow). I'm sure that if we keep doing a little bit a day each day that the weather is good, you'll be tootling around the neighbourhood on your own very soon.

I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep up these letters, my love, but I'll try! They are such a nice way to record who you are and where you are with your development. Let me tell you a bit about that. You love to learn, and are eager to help in any way you can. You are chatty and excitable and still have to work on not interrupting us. You are kind and loving and can be quite thoughtful. You get distracted easily when it comes to mundane tasks like dressing yourself. You are fantastic at making up games to play. You bring comfort to friends who are having sad days. You are funny and sweet and overall a wonderful person. It's lovely to spend time with you. Keep being the great person you are, and keep developing into the amazing boy you're becoming.

We love you as far as a TARDIS flies. Maybe even farther.

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