Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dear Moe (38 Months)

Hi, darling. A short letter this month, since last month’s was so late. It seems like spring is almost here... but not quite. It was 20 degrees out the other day, but then today it snowed. We can’t seem to win. But we’ve made the most of the weather. On nice days, if you get home from daycare in good time, you’ve been able to go for a few tricycle rides outside. The other day, you rode ever so far. In fact, I had to convince you to turn around when we did. I’m glad you finally listened - you were bagged by the time you rode into the driveway. Of course, you got lots of little breaks while you rode, because you can’t pass a sewer without checking it out. 

We’ve been getting your closet ready for spring. I haven’t had to buy you too many clothes, as we still have a nice selection that fit from last summer. We have had to try some of them on, though, to see if they still fit. If you’re in the mood to try on clothes, it can last a long time. One night, you ate dinner in your bathing suit and sun hat. The next evening, you asked if there were any other shorts you could try on. 

We’ve been to three weeks of gymnastics class on Saturday mornings, and it’s a huge hit. You love the class, and are generally a very good listener there. You love the balance beam and the trampoline the best, and also enjoy swinging like a monkey on the bars. You aren’t a fan of jumps from high places, but I’ve watched you gain confidence from week to week. I’m proud of you. You’ve asked several times if Granny can come and watch you, and we were happy to learn that for the last class of the season, we are able to invite visitors and take photos. I’m looking forward to that. You are so proud to tell everyone that you are in a gymnastics class. 

Your behaviour in general has greatly improved lately, which has been great for everyone. We went through a stage where you were very, very challenging, and you tested us at every possible opportunity. I’m glad to see that you understand that when you are a good listener, life is generally more pleasant for everyone. Thank you. I know this isn’t the last time I’ll see that kind of behaviour, but it’s gratifying to know that it doesn’t last forever. 

Daddy changed stores this month, and his work schedule shifted a little bit. So sometimes I’m home when you get home, and sometimes I’m not. I love hearing you come through the door. You call, “Mommy?” and after I answer, “Yes!” you always ask, “Are you home?” It cracks me up every time. 

You have such a great sense of humour. You are cheeky, and when you are joking around, you can’t keep a straight face to save your life. You are quite generous (livng up to your middle name!) and are generally very good at sharing and taking turns. 

You’ve had a bit of a regression with your potty training, but we’re dealing with it as best we can. I don’t think anything is bothering you; I think you’ve just become rather complacent about the whole thing. So we’re back to offering a reward when you’ve gone a whole day without getting your underwear wet. Some days go better than others. The problem is that you usually get too focused, suddenly realize you have to pee, and rush to the potty. You get there mostly on time, but not quickly enough. I’m proud of you for sticking with it, and proud of myself for not making too big a deal about it. 

Not only do you know all your letters, but you are getting very good at tracing them! You are also great at remembering the words to songs and at counting. You have also recently started telling “stories” - great, rambling odysseys of the imagination that are fantastic to behold. We have heard a few of them, and can’t wait to hear more. 

Keep being wonderful. We love you so much. 

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