Monday, January 2, 2012

I Have a Toddler

This is the answer I give most frequently to questions people ask me.

"Why are your jacket pockets filled with used Kleenex?"
"Why is there a Hot Wheels in your purse?"
"Why on earth would you spend $10.00 on green seedless grapes in January?"

I have a toddler.

"How is it that at least one member of your family has had a runny nose since September?"
"Why on earth would you have to hide in the kitchen to eat something?"
"Wait, you go to bed at 9pm?"

I have a toddler.

But I also know the exquisite feeling of being the only person on the planet capable of consoling someone. And I have felt the sense of accomplishment that comes with teaching a child how to calm himself down. And I know how fantastic it is when a small person who does not do anything he doesn't want to do suddenly and spontaneously gives you a hug.

Because I have a toddler.

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  1. Oh Yumi, how you make me laugh. your writing is infectious, and I so love reading your blog.